After powering up the MatrixPortal M4 and the RGB matrix, you can begin your game of dreidel two ways: either by dropping a chocolate coin into the coin slot to trigger the break beam sensor or by pressing the down button on the side of the MatrixPortal M4. 

The classic dreidel song will begin playing through the STEMMA speaker and the dreidel will "spin" on the RGB matrix, iterating through the dreidel sprite sheet.

A dreidel has four characters, one on each side. The characters are:

  • Shin (ש)
  • He (ה)
  • Gimel (ג)
  • Nun (נ)

Traditionally when you are playing dreidel, each side has a different meaning in the game. For the purposes of this version though, you will keep adding coins to the pot until you roll gimel; winning the game.


If you don't roll gimel to win the game, don't worry! You can keep dropping in coins or pressing the down button to launch a new cycle.

If you do roll gimel though, congratulations! You've won the pot! The servo motor will tip the cup holding all of the chocolate coins, spilling them out for you to feast on.

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