In this project, you can build your own electronic dreidel game, complete with a servo motor and festive music, to celebrate Hanukkah. To play, drop chocolate coins into the slot at the top of the matrix. The RGB matrix will spin the dreidel while playing the classic dreidel song. If you roll gimel, you win! All of the chocolate coins will spill out for you.

An IR breakbeam sensor is located at the top of the matrix to detect when a chocolate coin is dropped. This triggers the dreidel to spin.

A servo motor is attached to the chocolate coin cup. The servo tilts the cup when the dreidel sprite sheet lands on gimel.

A STEMMA speaker plays the dreidel song while the RGB matrix spins the dreidel.

If you've ever played dreidel before, you'll note that this version is slightly modified since it doesn't account for rolling hei to get half of the pot. A servo dumping out the entire pot when you roll gimel should hopefully make up for that though.


Video of a person rotating an LED matrix panel with animation resembling falling colored sand.
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1 x M2 Screws
M2 hardware
1 x Package of chocolate coins
Chocolate coins aka gelt to play dreidel

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