Power Cable to Matrices

Both panel types come with power cables that feature two connectors.

Get the cable ready to prep for cube assembly.

Cut Cables

Reduce the length of the cables by cutting off the ends.

Tip: Remove the heat shrink from the cables using a hobby knife or flush cutters.

Pairs of Cables

Both cables are used in the final assembly.

These will need to be prepped before installing.

Removing Extra Wires

To reduce the wiring, remove a black and red wire from the two cables.

Tip: Use tweezers to poke visible pins and tug on the wire to release the wire from the connector.

Removed Wire

If done correctly, the wire with jumper will easily come out of the connector.

Proceed to remove a second wire from the cable.

Ensure only a single black and red wire are remaining.

Set of Power Cables

Proceed to repeat this process for each of the panels making a total of six cables.

Tinning Wires

Use wire stripper to remove a bit of insulation for the tips of each wire.

Tin the tips of each wire by adding a bit of solder. This will help to prevent the strands of wires from fraying.

Tip: Use third helping hands to keep wires steady while soldering.

Complete Power Cable Set

Double check each wire has been properly set up.

Power Wires for RGB Matrix Bonnet

Use the extra wires to create a set of wires for the voltage and ground power input for the RGB Matrix Bonnet.

Use a single red and black wire and proceed to the assembly.

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