Marking Labels on Frames

The labels are embossed (raised) on the surface of each panel.

To make them more visible, we suggest coloring the labels with a sharpie will make them standout.

Highlight Labels

Carefully mark each label by lightly marking the raised portion of the labels.

Magnets for frames

Grab the 8x neodymium magnets to get them ready for installing onto the frames.

Install Magnets 

Begin installing the magnets to the tabs on the frames.

Each magnet is firmly press fitted into the cavities on each tab.

Magnet Polarities 

Tabs with magnets laid flat should all be the same polarity.

Double check each tab to ensure the polarities match.

Force Fitting Magnets

Tolerances are very tight so we recommend using a pair of vise grips to assist.

Carefully use vise grips to force magnets into the tabs.

Double check magnet polarity on vertical tabs are opposite from flat tabs!

Continue Magnets on Remaining Frames

Take a moment to test polarity on each tab.

Ensure magnets are tightly installed and do not pop out by testing against other magnets.

Proceed to install magnets on each of the six frames.

With luck, by this point you’ll already have the electronic components in hand. Before proceeding, it’s extremely prudent to test all the matrices in their just-arrived state, before they’re built into anything. This makes troubleshooting and replacement much easier. If you haven’t already, skip ahead to the “RGB Matrix Bonnet” through “Initial Software Setup” pages, then return here once all the electronics have been tested.

Removing Stock Frames

Use a screw driver to remove stock frames some the six panels.

Take a moment to locate the 12 screws across the centers and corners of the panels.

Removed Stock Frame

Remove each screw before removing the frame from the panel.

Carefully detach the frame from the panels PCB ensuring all of the screws have been removed.

Proceed to remove the stock frames from the rest of the panels.

Save the screws!! They will be reused in the assembly. We suggest storing screws in a small plastic bag.

Replacing frames on panel

Get the 3D printed frames ready to install onto the panels.

Take a moment to orient the panel correctly with the 3D printed frame.

Use the data and orientation arrows to reference correct placement.

Frame Label Reference Sheet

Secure new frames to panel

Place the frame over the panel and line up with corner mounting holes.

Carefully fasten the screws into the four corners.

Assembled Panels

Double check the 3D printed frames have been secured to the panels PCB.

Proceed to install the 3D printed frames on the rest of the panels.

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