As of May 29, 2024 – The PCB's design has been updated. Now it comes with the buttons, chips and other components already soldered into place. You will still need to solder on the shield headers and the LCD, but it's a lot easier.

Rev B:

The shield comes with the board and headers. All other parts are already soldered on for your convenience!

Rev A:

Check to make sure your kit comes with all the parts. Sometimes we make mistakes so double check everything and email [email protected] if you need replacements!

1) Resistors

There is a total of 5 resistors in this kit.  For resistors labeled R1 and R2 on the PCB, they are 1/4W 5% 4.7K resistors (Yellow, Violet Red, Gold).  For resistors labeled RED and BLUE on the PCB, they are 1/4W 5% 220 ohm resistors (Red, Red, Brown, Gold).  For the resistor labeled GREEN on the PCB, it is a 1/4W 5% 330 ohm resistor (Orange Orange Brown Gold).

2) Potentiometer

There is one 10k trim potentiometer.  This part will go in the spot labeled Contrast, near the RESET button. Note: The pot may be blue instead of orange.

3) Pushbuttons

There are a total of 6, 6mm tactile switch pushbuttons.  These will be used in the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SELECT, and RESET locations on the PCB.

4) i2c Port Expander Chip

There is one of these MCP23017 i2c (16 input/output) port expander chips in the kit.  This is how we are able to only use 2 Arduino pins to run the entire LCD and buttons.  Click here for more info on this chip.

5) Male Header Pins

There are two strips of 36 male header pins in the kit.  These will be used to attach the shield to the Arduino, as well as attach the LCD to the PCB.

6) Printed Circuit Board

There will be one PCB in the kit as shown above.


You'll want an LCD to place into the shield. This isn't included by default since a lot of people already have LCDs they may want to use. (We do sell these in packs however so chances are you did get an LCD with your order).

You can also use 16x2 LCDs or even OLEDs that are the same size that do not have an RGB backlight, or have no backlight at all.

We carry Negative type or Positive type LCDs.

This guide was first published on Jul 29, 2012. It was last updated on Jun 17, 2024.

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