Have you ever wanted a certain color for a NeoPixel project and had trouble figuring out which RGB or HSV values to enter? You can use web colors to try and get specific colors but you never know how it will look in real life until you load up your code and see it in action. This project allows you to use potentiometers to adjust the red, green and blue values individually in real time to fine tune NeoPixel colors and to see exactly how RGB and HSV values from the code work in practice.


1 x Feather M0 Express
Microcontroller to run CircuitPython
4 x Panel Mount 10K Log Potentiometer
Potentiometers - 3 for RGB and 1 for the LCD brightness
1 x Super Bright Red 5mm LED
5mm Red LED for pot
1 x Super Bright Blue 5mm LED
5mm Blue LED for pot
1 x Super Bright Green 5mm LED
5mm Green LED for pot
1 x 5mm Plastic Flat LED Holder - Pack of 5
LED holders to mount individual 5mm LEDs
2 x Potentiometer Knob - Soft Touch T18 - White
White Pot knob - 1 will be painted green
1 x M2.5 Screws
Screws for mounting the Feather and Perma Proto in the bottom of the case
1 x PLA Filament for 3D Printers - 1.75mm Diameter - White - 1KG
White filament for the 5mm LED diffusers

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