Rings Frame Preinstallation

Orient the set of rings with the assembled frames to get an idea of the placement. The left ring is on the side with the Lipo Backpack and battery while the right ring is on the arm with the ItsyBitsy M4. 

Install Rings

Start by inserting the left ring into the right eye of the frame. Pull the left ring all the way through. Pass the cable from the right ring through the right eye.

Install Rings (Continued)

Orient the right ring so the cable is parallel with the arm. The LED rings should be upright and match the photo. The left and right circular ring holes on the frame feature bumps along the inner edges that will stop the PCBs from being pushed through. Insert the PCB at an angle in between the bumps to install.

Ring Installation (Continued)

Insert the left ring through the left eye on the frame. Push the PCB all the way through and orient so the LEDs are parallel with the arms and lined up with the right ring. Press fit the left ring into the left eye so the PCB is flush with the frame.

Install Wiring

Insert the ribbon cable from the rings through the holes on the side of the eye socket. Thread the ribbon cable through the center hole on the arm. Press the wiring into the channel on the arm.

Install Wiring (Continued)

Pull the ribbon cable through the other side of the arm.

Frame Installed Wires

Thoroughly inspect the frames and ensure the two rings are installed properly.

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