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Build your own REZZ inspired glasses with NeoPixels and CircuitPython. 3D print the parts and use the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 to make hypnotic NeoPixel animations! Learn how to solder components and get started programming with CircuitPython.

DIY REZZ Glasses

REZZ is a Canadian DJ and producer of electronic dance music. Her trademark eye-wear feature LED animations that appear like swirls that spin and change color. Her music can be streamed on soundcloud. She also has videos and images up on her instagram.

NeoPixel Triple-Rings

These rings have 44 through-hole NeoPixel LEDs. The outside has 24, inner ring has 16 and the center has 4. All of the NeoPixel rings are on one board, which makes it easy to wire. The NeoPixel LEDs are diffused so they look soft and easy on the eyes.


1 x ItsyBitsy M4
Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4
1 x Lipo Backpack
Trinket/ItsyBitsy Lipo Backpack
2 x NeoPixel Triple-Ring
44 NeoPixel Triple-Ring Board
1 x Reversable USB cable
USB A to micro B reversible to get it connected easily the first time
1 x Slide Switch
Slide Switch
1 x 400mAh Battery
400mAh Battery
1 x 4-Wire Ribbon Cable
30AWG SIlicone Cover Stranded-Core Ribbon Cable
1 x M2 x 12mm Screws
Phillips Pan Head. Secures arms to frames.

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