To get started with your reverse geocache build, here are the required parts:
An Arduino UNO - The brains of the reverse geocache.
Adafruit Ultimate GPS Module - This little guy will tell us where we are, and where we need to go.
A Standard 16x2 LCD - This will be used to communicate with the person using the reverse geocache box.  You can have it help people navigate to the destination, give them a clue, or ask them to marry you.  :)
A Micro Servo - This little servo will be used to lock and unlock the box with the Arduino.
Prototyping Board - Assemble and solder your electronics to this proto-board so it doesn't fall apart in the field.
A Power Switch - Kenton prefers the Adafruit Waterproof Metal On/Off Switch (with blue LED ring).
Hook-Up Wire - For connecting all of the electronics together.
A Battery - Power the whole thing with this 9V battery holder.
A Box - Something to enclose the project in.  Kenton made his out of cherry, but you can use just about anything.  Just don't use a metal box, as the metal will block the GPS signals.
Also, you will need a few tools and supplies:
A Soldering Iron - Use this to solder the electronics to the proto-board.  If you have never soldered before, check out our soldering tutorial here.
Solder Wick - To fix your soldering mistakes the easy way.

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