The examples in this guide are no longer supported. Please check out the Adafruit eInk Display Breakouts guide for CircuitPython and Python usage:
Everything compiled correctly, but I get no activity on the screen
The default driver compile is for a COG 1 (Computer On Glass, version 1). Your RePaper screen may be a COG 2.
You can check this my carefully lifting the display and looking on the back of it. Look for a barcode starting with "TEM" or "VEM".
If the seventh character of the barcode is 'B', then you have a COG 2. Follow these instructions for building the driver:

Raspberry Pi

make rpi-clean
make COG_VERSION=V2 rpi
sudo make COG_VERSION=V2 rpi-install
sudo reboot
After reboot make sure it is showing a "COG 2"
% cat /dev/epd/panel
EPD 2.7 264x176 COG 2
% echo C > /dev/epd/command

BeagleBone Black

make bb-clean
make COG_VERSION=V2 bb
make COG_VERSION=V2 bb-install
I can't get the eInk Display service to start on my Pi

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