The examples in this guide are no longer supported. Please check out the Adafruit eInk Display Breakouts guide for CircuitPython and Python usage:
The eInk development board comes completely assembled. All you need to do is attach the eInk display and the breakout cable.

Attach the Display

Open the Socket

Lift the front edge of the flex connector socket and raise it to the vertical position as shown on the left.

Insert the Flex Connector

Gently slide the flex connector (contact side down) into the socket.

Make sure that the display is aligned with the outline on the silkscreen.

Close the Socket

Gently push the socket closed to lock the flex connector in place.

Remove the protective film

Lift the white tab and gently peel back the protective film from the display.
Use care when handling the assembled development board. The display is attached only by the flex connector, and this can be damaged by excessive force. If desired, a small piece of tape can be used to stabilize the display on the board.

Attach the Breakout Cable

Locate Pin 1

Pin 1 is marked with a white dot on the connector. There will be a red wire connected to that pin.

Insert the cable

  • Flip the cable over so that the white dot is facing down.
  • Center the connector in the socket with Pin 1 on the side marked with a circled "1" on the board.
Be sure to center the connector in the socket. The socket is wider than the connector and the display will not work if you plug it in off-center.

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