Fill the Ornament

First, you'll want to tie on the hanging ribbon or hook, and separate the two halves of the clear ornament ball.

Next, fill one half with the pom poms. They will look festive, and help to diffuse the strong glow of the NeoPixels on the Circuit Playground Express.

Plug the battery pack's JST cable into the Circuit Playground Express, and then turn on the on switch.

Place the CPX and battery pack on top of the pom poms. Looks comfy!

Now, close up the ornament. It's ready for testing with the remote, and then for hanging on the tree!

Use the Remote

The IR signal needs to make it to the IR sensor on the CPX, so you may need to try it from different angles. It has the benefit of bouncing off of lots of surfaces, so it isn't hard to make it work from nearby. Without a direct line of sight, it's harder to control it from great distances, but definitely possible!

Try pressing the different number keys on the remote to see the different colors!

Now, you may hang it on the tree with care! When it's not in use you can press 0 to turn off the NeoPixels which will preserve battery life. You can also open the ornament to flip off the switch for total energy savings.

Enjoy your festive ornament!

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