In addition to a Raspberry Pi to run reef-pi, we'll need a controllable power strip and some ancillary electronics for the control circuit. The control circuit will be built on top of a PermaProto HAT and will be connected to different connectors using jumper wires. The PermaProto HAT and all the connectors will be mounted on the plastic enclosure using standoffs.



1 x American DJ SR P8 power strip
8 channel controllable power strip
1 x Power supply
12 V 1A DC power adapter
1 x DB9 cable
DB9 connector wire

Housing, connectors and standoffs

1 x Nylon standoffs
Standoff to mount Raspberry Pi on houring
1 x DB9 connector
Panel mount db9 connector
1 x Plastic enclosure
Plastic enclosure
1 x Barrel connector
2.1mm panel mount barrel connector

Electronics to control powerstrip

1 x ULN2803A
Darlington transistor to control 12V relays
1 x Solid core wire
Solid core wire for building jumpers on permaproto hat
1 x Perma Proto HAT
Perma proto hat for mounting ULN2803a
1 x IC socket
18 pin IC socket
1 x Male-Famale jumper wire
Male-female jumper wire
1 x LM2596 Buck converter
12v to 5v step down converter
1 x Male headers
Short male header pins

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