For one part of the build, we'll extend our previous reef-pi build to control Kessil lights (A360, A80 or A160),  Kessil allows controlling the spectrum and intensity of the light using 10V pulse width modulation (PWM). We'll use Raspberry Pi's hardware timers as a 3.3V PWM source which will be then converted to a 10v PWM using an NPN transistor. We'll use a couple of LM2596 modules to generate 5V (for Raspberry Pi) and 10V (for NPN transistor source) power source from a single 12V power source.

For the other build, we'll aim to control multiple Kessil lights as well as a moonlight from coralife. We'll need 7 (3x2 +1) PWM channels for this build. We'll use a new Pi Zero along with Adafruit PCA9685 breakout board (since the Raspberry Pi has only two hardware based PWM channels, while PCA9685 has 16 PWM channels)

This parts list does not include the actual lights (Kessil or Coralife). 

8 x NPN Transistor
Common NPN transistpr
8 x 10K resistor
10K Resistor
8 x 1K Resistor
1K Resistor
1 x PCA9685 Breakout board
16 Channel PWM
1 x Raspberry Pi Zero W
Raspberry Pi Zero W
1 x Perma Proto board
Perm Proto Board
1 x Small mint tin size Perma Proto Board
Small Mint Tin sized perma proto board
1 x Enclosure
Enclosure for the circuit
1 x Power adapter
12V 2A regulated power supply
1 x Switch
SPDT switch to turn power down of up
1 x Power MOSFET
Logic level N-Channel power MOSFET
1 x Male-male audio cable
Cable to connect Kessil lights with controller
1 x 22 AWG Solid core wire
Hook-up wire for creating jumper
3 x 3.5mm TRS jack
Audio jack to connect with kessil lights
1 x Nylon standoffs
Nylon standoff to mount all electronics in the enclosure
1 x Male 2.1mm barrel jack
Barrel connector to power actinic LED strip
1 x Female panel mount barrel jack
Barrel jack connector for the main controller power source

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