I am listing all the electronics component required for the build, excluding pH probe and calibration solutions. pH probes can be found either in Atlas Scientific website or any of the popular marine aquarium vendor website such as Bulk Reef Supply or Marine Depot most pH probes are interchangeable (as long as they use BNC connector), just make sure to get a saltwater friendly probe.

1 x Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi zero
1 x Perma Proto board
Mint tin size perma proto board
1 x Male header pins
Male header pin
1 x Female headers
Female headers
1 x EZO pH circuit
Atlas Scientific EZO pH circuit
1 x BNC Connector and carrier board
BNC connector and carrier board
1 x 5V power adapter
Power adapter
1 x Barrel jack
Panel mount barrel jack
1 x Enclosure
Plastic enclosure for the build
1 x Female-Female jumper wire
Female female jumper wire
1 x Nylon standoffs
Nylon standoffs
AtlasScientific EZO board for pH sensors

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