We are using a small clear top plastic enclosure to house the entire circuit including the Raspberry Pi. Start with drilling holes for mounting the BNC connector and barrel jack (for input power supply) on the bottom side of the enclosure

Mark and drill holes to mount the Perma Proto board and Raspberry Pi Zero. The Raspberry Pi Zero will be mounted on the top panel, while the Perma Proto board will be mounted in the center. Use nylon standoffs to mount the Raspberry Pi and the Perma Proto boards.

Raspberry Pi mounted

Next mount the Perma Proto board and BNC connector.

Next mount the barrel jack (make sure to tin it and solder female jumper wires). 

After that, connect all the components with female-female jumper wire. There will be four wires for the Pi Zero, 5V, GND, SDA and SCL.

The build is complete at this point, screw on the top panel and proceed to configuration and testing.

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