Below is a listing of the parts required to build the dosing controller, including the housing and the electronics. To calibrate the dosing controller, we'll use some measuring cylinders (or anything that can be used to measure liquid volume at milliliter precision), which is not listed in the parts here.

1 x Raspberry Pi Zero
Raspberry Pi zero with headers
1 x L293D
Motor driver IC
2 x Peristaltic Pump
Dosing pump
1 x 12V power adapter
Power adapter
1 x Perma Proto HAT
Perma Proto HAT
1 x Solid core wire
Solid core wire for jumpers
1 x IC Socket
Socket for mounting L293D
1 x Male headers
Male headers to connect barrel jack and pumps
1 x Panel mount barrel jack
2.1 mm panel mount female barrel jack
1 x Male female jumper wire
Male female jumper wire
1 x Nylon Standoff
Nylon standoff
1 x Project box
Enclosure for project housing
1 x LM2596
Buck converter

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