The temperature controller only adds a single audio jack connector to the existing enclosure. Mounting the female audio connector is fairly easy. Drill a hole in the enclosure using a Dremel or drill driver. I prefer to keep all the connectors on the bottom side. In this case, the female audio jack is closer to the input power connector (a 2.1 mm barrel jack)

Re-mount the PermaProto HAT (and Raspberry Pi attached with it) in the enclosure.

The female panel mount audio jack is threaded and comes with a nut to attach it on an enclosure, which makes it trivial to mount them on these plastic enclosures. Connect the audio jack's jumper wires with appropriate male header pins. 

Make sure the right header pins and jumper wires are connected. A DS18B20 sensor gets really hot and can cause skin burns if the +Ve and GND wires are reversed

That's it, once wired, our temperature sensor module is ready for field testing. Close the enclosure lid. This is how the end product will look:

Next we'll move on to reef-pi software configuration of the temperature sensor.

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