Adding the force sensitive resistor (FSR) into the heel of the boots will give you an opportunity to trigger animations, change modes, or just flash to the beat when you step down with each heel.  

Hook it Up

Hook up two long 30awg wires to the pads on your force sensitive resistor.  

It's possible to solder these wires to the pads securely, but it is NOT easy to do.  Be quick and neat, or the plastic tabs may melt.  

More connection options & info about FSRs

For all that it's difficult, soldering is probably your best bet since this will go under your heel.  Nobody loves a bulky connector stabbing them with every step.


Open up the liner inside the heel of your boot and find a good spot for the sensor.  (If there is any metal in there, screws or whatnot, cover it up with electrical tape first)

Poke a little hole in the boot right at heel level and thread the wires through to the outside.  This will keep them safe from pulling and tearing when you're dancing or putting the boots on.  (A needle threader works great for getting small wires through a very small hole.)

Feed the wires up the side of the boot to the cuff area, where they will attach to the Pro Trinket.

Later you'll want to use some spray glue to secure the sensor and liner back in place, but first let's test and make sure it all works.

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