Prototype First!

Prototype the circuit on a breadboard before soldering components. It's good idea to test out the components and ensure they're functioning before enclosing them. Get a working prototype and then continue with the build.

Wire Connections

Follow the diagram to see how the components are connected. The Pro Trinket and Audio FX sound board are connected together through the JST pads on the bottom of the PCBs. Note the push button is connected to both the Audio fx sound board and the Pro Trinket. 

Size and position of the components aren't exact but a representation of how the components will be wired.

Pro Trinket
#4 - Push Button
GND - Push Button

#3 - DIN (NeoPixel)
GND - GND (NeoPixel Ring)
Bat - PWR (NeoPixel Ring)

5V - Positive(laser diode)
GND - Negative(laser diode)

BUS - 5V (lipo backpack)
G - G (lipo backpack)
Bat - Bat (lipo backpack)

JST(-) - JST(-) (audio fx)
JST(+) - JST(+) (audio fx)

Audio FX Sound
#10 - Push button
GND - Push button

VIN - VIN (Amp)
Gnd - Gnd (Amp)
L - A+ (Amp)
Gnd - A- (Amp)

Amp PAM8302A
+pos - speaker
-neg - speaker

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