Sci-fi Inspired Alien Ray Gun - Pew Pew!

In this project, we're making a 3D printed, sci-fi inspired ray gun - with LEDS, fully functioning trigger and sound effects!

This blaster was designed in CAD and split into pieces that can be 3D printed. The parts are made to house the electronics and secured together with screws and adhesives.

You'll need access to a 3D printer, a handful of components and some building experience. This project requires time, patience and passion to make an intricate build.

Prerequisite Guides

Walk through these guides before tackling this project. Check out the following guides to get familiar with the Pro Trinket and Audio FX sound board.

Project Expectations 

This project is rather challenging and intended for experienced makers. It requires a good amount of experience soldering and assembling small circuits. There's 20 3D printed parts and about 20 different wired connections. This build requires fitting wires and components into small spaces that can be damanged if not carefully handled. This is a great project for experienced and ambitious makers.

Tools & Supplies

The following tools and supplies were used in the development of this project.

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