NPR One Raspbian Image

First, you will need to download a copy of the NPR One Radio Raspbian image, and transfer it to a 8GB SD card. If this is your first time making a SD card for a Raspberry Pi, you can head over to our tutorial for more info about the process.

WiFi Config

Before inserting the SD card into the Pi Zero, you will need to edit the occidentalis.txt file using your favorite text editor on your computer. You can find the occidentalis.txt file on the boot partition of the SD card.

It should look something like this:

# hostname for your Raspberry Pi:

# basic wireless networking options:
wifi_ssid=your network here
wifi_password=your password or passphrase here

Update the SSID and password with the appropriate values for your network, and save the file.

Connecting to the Pi Zero

Once you have the WiFi config saved, you are now ready to insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi Zero, and power it on. You can connect to it over SSH as the pi user with the default password raspberry using the following command.

If you are unfamiliar with SSH, you can use the Terminal feature of our Pi Finder to connect to your pi.

Expanding the Filesystem

You will need to expand the filesystem to fill your SD card. You can do this by running raspi-config, and selecting the first option. You will need to reboot for this to take effect.

sudo raspi-config

Authenticating with NPR One

Next, you will need to use the Application ID and Secret from the NPR One Dev Center to authorize your Pi. Enter the ID and Secret when prompted, and visit when the CLI presents your device code.

Do not select the complete option until you have authorized the app at

Enter your activation code on the NPR website, and press the Next button.

Grant access to the Pi by pressing the Allow button.

You should see a success message on the NPR site. Once you see this, you are ready to move back to the Pi.

Press return to select the complete option on the Pi, and you should see the stories start to load and play.

Starting the Radio on Boot

If you would like to start the radio on boot, you can do that by running the following command.

$ pm2 start npr-one && pm2 save

That will start the radio, and keep it running until you pause it or stop it using the play/pause button. You can also force quit the radio by running this command.

$ pm2 stop npr-one

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