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Some interesting ways to consider extending the project are:
  • Automatic calibration by detecting the position of the laser dot on the video and automatically moving the laser into the position of the corners.
  • Using a transistor to turn on/off the laser pointer, to extra-confuse-ify the cat!
  • Limiting the target clicks to only fall within the target area.
  • Building a public, internet-facing layer on top of the web application which would allow people on the internet to take turns playing with your cat.
  • Build the laser toy into a stand-alone enclosure with a servo controlled treat dispenser to reward kitty's play.
  • Integrate cat face detection to prevent targeting the cat's face.
  • Use the Raspberry Pi camera and an MJPEG encoder to capture video directly from the Raspberry Pi. Serve the video through web sockets to add support for IE.
What can you think of to extend the project?

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