Install Button

The 6mm slim button is a bit tricky to install in the case. You'll have to remove it from the Pi GPIO by desoldering the wires. Once it's free, thread the two wires from the button into the case - refer to the photos for the location. Then, push the button through the hole. Press it down until the button is positioned properly. Once nestiled in place, the button will stay put when pressed. 

Now you can solder the wires back onto the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi.

Install PowerBoost 500C

With the battery plugged into the PowerBoost 500C, insert the PowerBoost 500C into the case and line up the mounting holes with the standoffs. Press it down so the nubs from the standoffs snap into the mounting holes.

If the nubs aren’t “snappy” enough, you can add some small dabs of E6000® or Krazy Glue® to keep the board in place.

Install Battery

Fit the 500mAh lip battery into case. Carefully nestile the JST cable from the battery into the case. 

Install LED Sequin

Lay the LED Sequin PCB over the cavity on the case cover. Orient the Sequin so the SMD LED is poking through the opening. You'll need a piece of mounting tack or glue to keep it in place - It may snap into place depending on your printers tolerances.

Install Pi Camera

Orient the Pi camera so the lens pokes through the hole. Line up the nubs from the standoffs wit the mounting holes on the Pi camera PCB. Press the Pi camera so it's flush with the standoffs.

Install Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi will lay over the Pi camera module. Line up the nubs from the standoffs with the mounting holes on the Pi. Press the Pi PCB down until it snap fits into the nubs.

Secure Pi Camera Cable

Bend the excess cable from the Pi camera module so its over the bottom of the Pi PCB. I recommend using small pieces of mounting tack to keep the ribbon cable from unfolding.

Install Slide Switch

The slide switch will rest on the platform over the 6mm slim button. You may need some mounting tack to keep in place while closing the case.

Close Case!

Now it's time to join the cover and case together. Make sure any excess wires are tucked into the case or cover. Start by inserting the cover into the case at an angle, with the ports from the Raspberr Pi first. Then, press the cover into the case so it snaps fit.

If find the case won't close, you may need to install the switch onto the cover instead - if it still doesn't close, thoroughly inspect the wires and components to see if something is blocking the lip of the cover.

Install Wearable Clip

If you plan on wearing the Pi camera, we provided a little clip. There's a small little "slit" on the back of the case - press the connector from clip into the slit. You’ll probably want some glue to keep it in place.

Optional: Extra Lens

You can optionally add lenses to increase the viewing angle. I got this 0.68X wide angle lense from - it's normally used for mobile phones. It uses a magnet and metal ring with a stick adhesive backing so you can easily add / remove the lens.

This guide was first published on Jun 30, 2016. It was last updated on May 26, 2024.

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