The rotary encoder lets you switch between the four different animations.

Use the three NeoSliders to affect the color of the background for all of the animations using RGB values. Each slider has a mapped value range of 0 to 255 and affects the red, green or blue value. The NeoSliders' NeoPixels will be the same color as the animation's background color.

The VL53L4CD affects different parameters for each animation.

  • For Circles, it affects the size of the circles.
  • For Cube, it affects the speed of the spinning cube.
  • For Dancing Triangles, it affects the rate of new triangles being generated.
  • For Pizza Cat, it affects the speed of the cat and pizza emojis.

When speed is affected, the speed increases the closer you get to the sensor. When size is affected, the size increases the closer you get to the sensor.

Going Further

You can customize this project by creating your own animations or adjusting the provided animations to suit your needs. Processing has a lot of documentation and examples to use for inspiration.

Additionally you could try using different sensors, such as an accelerometer or a light sensor, to control the animations. 

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