This project consists of STEMMA boards that are connected to each other using STEMMA QT cables. QT to QT cables are used for the NeoSliders, rotary encoder and VL53L4CD. A QT to socket cable is used to connect to the Raspberry Pi.

The NeoSlider addresses will be set on the Assembly Page.

  • NeoSlider 0x30
    • SCL (yellow wire) to NeoSlider 0x31 SCL
    • SDA (blue wire) to NeoSlider 0x31 SDA
    • VIN (red wire) to NeoSlider 0x31 VIN
    • GND (black wire) to NeoSlider 0x31 GND
  • NeoSlider 0x31
    • SCL (yellow wire) to NeoSlider 0x32 SCL
    • SDA (blue wire) to NeoSlider 0x32 SDA
    • VIN (red wire) to NeoSlider 0x32 VIN
    • GND (black wire) to NeoSlider 0x32 GND
  • NeoSlider 0x32
    • SCL (yellow wire) to Rotary Encoder SCL
    • SDA (blue wire) to Rotary Encoder SDA
    • VIN (red wire) to Rotary Encoder VIN
    • GND (black wire) to Rotary Encoder GND
  • Rotary Encoder
    • SCL (yellow wire) to VL53L4CD SCL
    • SDA (blue wire) to VL53L4CD SDA
    • VIN (red wire) to VL53L4CD VIN
    • GND (black wire) to VL53L4CD GND
  • VL53L4CD
    • SCL (yellow wire) to Pi SCL
    • SDA (blue wire) to Pi SDA
    • VIN (red wire) to Pi 3V
    • GND (black wire) to Pi GND

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