Square acrylic box with cloud sign on front, with receipt paper coming out with text on it.
Build an "Internet of Things" connected mini printer that will do your bidding! This is a fun weekend project that comes with a beautiful laser cut case. Once assembled, the...
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Video of a Mini Thermal Receipt Printer with a receipt printing out.
Add a mini printer to any microcontroller project with this very cute thermal printer. Thermal printers are also known as receipt printers, they're what you get when you go to the...
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Components included in a Mini Thermal Receipt Printer Starter Pack.
Hit the ground running (and printing!) with this starter pack that includes a thermal printer and all the extras and save a few dollars while you're at it.
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Angled shot of a Thermal paper roll - 50' long, 2.25" wide.
A mini roll of thermal paper, this fits very nicely into our mini thermal printer. 2.25" wide (about 57mm) and 50 feet long (15 meters). BPA-free.
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