Start by building the case:

The case is made up of three laser cut acrylic panels separated by two 3D printed wall sections. It is held together with screws and rivet nuts (we'll be using them like Chicago Screws). The handles assemble around the exposed edges of the middle acrylic panel, we'll put those on at the very end of the build.

Cut the Panels

Download the panel files:

Use the provided files to cut one front, one middle, and one back panel out of 1/8" acrylic. Leave the protective film on your acrylic while cutting for clean panels with no fogging.

For the front panel, two separate files are provided: one for cutting and one for scoring lines. Experiment with the laser cutter's settings on scrap material to get the engraving depth you prefer. 

Optional: Engrave the diagram labels directly onto the middle panel.

 Optional: A file for labels is included for the middle layer. Engrave this layer on the middle panel, and your holes will be nicely labeled and easy to navigate while building. Or, refer to the diagrams below for placement of components.

The back panel is reversed so that the sharp edge of the cut is toward the inside of the project.


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