Rotary Switch

Now it's time to work on the analog rotary switch. We'll need 5 female/female jumper cables for this setup. Just note: there's actually 10 available position in this particular rotary switch, but we're only using 5 of them.

Prep Rotary Switch

There's a little piece of metal thats in an upright position - let's flatten it using a pair of pliers. You can alternatively snip it away. It gets in the way when mounting it to the cover, so best to remove it.

Prep Jumper Cables 

Let's go ahead and prep our jumper cables. Use an assortment of colors so we can tell them apart later. Remove the plastic connectors from each wire, on both sides. Cut and remove the connector for each wire, but only on one side. Strip away insulation and tin the tips. 

Add Heat Shrink

Add some pieces of heat shrink to the jumper cables with the connetors. Like we did previously, carefully bend the connectors to make them angled and appy heat to insulate the exposed metal.

Connect Wires to Rotary Switch

Now its time to solder up the wires to the rotary switch. Start by tinning five of the pins and the middle one. The leg close to the middle of the switch is ground. Make sure to note which colored wire you're soldering to the ground pin. Then, solder up the jumper wires to five of the of available pins.  

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