Power Switch

Let's start off the circuit by putting together the slide switch. We'll need two pieces of 26AWG wires. 

Prep Switch Wires

Use a pair of wire strippers to remove about 5mm of insultation from the tips of each wire. Then, secure the wires to a set of helping third hands and tin the tips by applying a bit of solder.

Connect Wires to Switch

Remove one of the legs from the switch – We only need two of them. Then, secure the slide switch to helping third hands. Tin the remaining two legs by applying a bit of solder. Now, heat up the legs with the tip of the soldering iron and place the wire onto it. The wires should be fused to the legs of the slide switch.

Heat Shrink

Slip on pieces of heat shrink tubing to the exposed connections and appy some heat to them to shrink them - a lighter or hot airgun will do just fine.

Connect Switch to PowerBoost 1000C

Tin the EN and GND pins on the PowerBoost by applying some solder to them. Heat up the pins using the tip of the soldering iron and insert the wires into the pins.

Test PowerBoost Circuit

Let's test out the circuit by pluging in the JST connector from the lithium battery to the JST port on the PowerBoost 1000C. The blue LED should turn on, indicating the battery is charged and running. The slide switch should turn off and on the PowerBoost.

Power Wires for PowerBoost 1000C

Next up, let's prep two female/female jumper cables. We'll connect these to the Raspberry Pi later.

Prep Power Wires

Remove the plastic connectors from the ends of both wires using a hobby knife - lift the clip and slide off the connector. Add pieces of heat shrink to the exposed connectors and carefully bend the connectors so they're angled. Then, app;y heat to insulate the exposed connectors, like shown in the photo.

Cut off one end of both wires and remove 5mm of insulation. Tin the ends of each wire and solder them to the positive and negative pins on the end the PowerBoost 1000C.

Finished Power Circuit

Now our power circuit is nearly complete! Next up, we'll work on the audio circuit.

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