Wires for 5-Way Nav Switch

Choose the method to switch you'd like to wire the 5-way navigation switch. Provided is an STL to 3D print the PCB or you can optionally send the PCB to a fab service.

Use a 6-wire ribbon cable, 114mm long.

Install 5-Way Switch to PCB

Line up the pins of the switch with the holes in the PCB. Fit the 5-way navigation switch onto the PCB.

5-Way Navigation Switch Schematic

Reference the schematic to get the correct connections for the pins. 

The common ground and center pins are good indicators for wiring. Up, down, left and right are subject to change depending on the switches orientation.

The full data sheet is available and a PDF can be downloaded from here.

Solder Wires to 5-Way Nav Switch PCB

If you're using the PCB, solder the pins of the switch to the PCB. Then, solder the 6-wires from the ribbon cable to the breakout pins on the PCB.

If you're using the 3D printed PCB, solder the wires to the exposed pins from the bottom. Be careful not to melt the plastic.

Soldering 5-Way Switch to Pico

Get ready to solder the 6-wires from the navigation switch to the Raspberry Pi Pico.

If using the 3D printed pcb, double check the wires are soldered to the correct pins of the 5-way switch.

Solder Wires to 5-Way Switch

Solder the 6-wires from the navigation switch to the bottom of the Raspberry Pi Pico PCB. Reference the pins below.

  • Ground – Ground
  • Select – GP6
  • Up – GP5
  • Down – GP4
  • Left – GP3
  • Right – GP2

Soldered 5-Way Switch

Double check all of the wires have been properly soldered.

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