In this project we are 3d printing cases for the new Raspberry Pi Pico!

We designed these enclosures and LEGO compatible plates for making fun 3d printed projects.

The Raspberry Pi Pico features the new RP2040 chip with CircuitPython support.

It’s got tons of GPIO pins, so it’s great for projects that need lots of inputs at a very low cost.

Lego Plate

Our LEGO compatible mount features studs that fit standard bricks or base plates. 

It features built in standoffs so you can snap fit the Raspbbery Pi Pico right on top.

The standoffs feature M2 sized pegs that press fit into the mounting holes.


Pico Enclosure 

Buttons can press fit into the holes that are on the side of the case.

We used molex pico blade connectors to make it easier to plug in the buttons to the Raspberry Pi Pico.

To make this a portable project, we added a small lipo battery and a slide switch.

The pico blade connectors are small enough to wedge in between the sides of the case.


Top view of Raspberry Pi Pico with two 20-pin male headers.
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