You'll need a couple of things installed on your workstation to get started. The Kernel-o-Matic runs inside of a Vagrant configured virtual machine running Ubuntu. You will need to have the latest versions of Vagrant and VirtualBox installed to use the Kernel-o-Matic.

Once installed, Vagrant will handle downloading and configuring the Ubuntu VM for compiling the Raspberry Pi Kernel. Use the links below to download and install the appropriate versions of VirtualBox and Vagrant for your operating system.

After you have installed Vagrant and VirtualBox, you can grab a copy of the latest version of Adafruit Kernel-o-Matic, and unzip the archive into a directory of your choosing.

If you are comfortable with git, you can also clone a copy of the Kernel-o-Matic repo.

git clone

Next, we'll look at how to launch and connect to the virtual machine.

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