Each IoT Hub has a built-in endpoint to receive incoming data. By default, all device telemetry is received via this endpoint and it can be accessed by Azure's Event Hub library. This is the method being used in code.py to get the devices' incoming telemetry from their sensors.

client is created as an EventHubConsumerClient with the event_connection Event Hub Compatible endpoint.

#  connect to event hub
client = EventHubConsumerClient.from_connection_string(
    conn_str = event_connection,
    consumer_group = "$default",

In the loop, receive_batch() is called, which listens to incoming events.

        #  recieve incoming events
            on_event_batch = on_event_batch,
            on_error = on_error

The on_event_batch() function iterates through the incoming events. From this incoming feed, the code gets the timestamp with event.enqueued_time and encodes the feed as a JSON to grab the device name from the event.

A series of if statements checks to see which device is sending telemetry data in the event and updates the text objects with the telemetry data.

#  iterates through incoming events
    for event in events:
        #  gets timestamp for event
        clock = utc_to_local(event.enqueued_time)
        #  gets the incoming event as a JSON feed
        telemetry = event.body_as_json()
        #  grabs the device ID from the JSON
        device = event.system_properties[b'iothub-connection-device-id']
        #  converts the device ID to a string
        string_device = device.decode("utf-8")
        #  updates last device text
        lastDevice_text.text = string_device
        #  if the device is the qt_py
        if string_device == qt_py:
            #  update co2 text
            co2_text.text = str(telemetry['CO2'])
        #  if the device is the tft feather
        if string_device == tft_feather:
            #  update living room sensor text
            lr_temp.text = "%s°F" % str(telemetry['Temperature'])
            lr_humid.text = "%s%%" % str(telemetry['Humidity'])
            lr_press.text = str(telemetry['Pressure'])
        #  if the device is the s3 feather
        if string_device == s3_feather:
            #  update bedroom sensor text
            bd_temp.text = "%s°F" % str(telemetry['Temperature'])
            bd_humid.text = "%s%%" % str(telemetry['Humidity'])
            bd_press.text = str(telemetry['Pressure'])

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