Boot up your Raspberry Pi to run the IoT Hub Dashboard code. Then, power-up your IoT Hub devices. They will begin sending their telemetry to IoT Hub and that telemetry will populate the Raspberry Pi's dashboard.

Because the bitmap background is sized for a 1080p screen, it does take a few seconds longer than you may expect to load when the code starts up.

The dashboard will display all of the received telemetry from the IoT Hub devices, as well as connection status, the name of the last device to send telemetry, the timestamp that telemetry was received and the current month's cloud cost.

The current month's cost is displayed on the dashboard to easily track usage.

A device's connection status is represented with a green or red circle.

The last device to send telemetry data, along with the timestamp, is logged on the dashboard.

Going Further

You can create a custom bitmap background to better suite your devices and sensors that you want to monitor. You could also add hardware to the Raspberry Pi, like buttons, to make the dashboard have menus or modes. 

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