Front case time! For the front case, we're going to tie in the Teensy to the Raspberry Pi USB Port (through the main connector). We're going to tie the low battery probe to an LED in the front panel (to indicate it to the user). The four speaker wires on the main connector go to the speakers. The Select capacitive sensor gets tied into the Teensy, along with the OUT pins from the two capacitive pads in the rear case. The audio ctrl connector pins will be run to the Teensy, as well.

Main Connector 1

Main Connector 2

Main Connector 3

Main Connector 4

Main Connector 5

Main Connector 6

Main Connector 7

Main Connector 8

Main Connector 9

Main Connector 10

Teensy F0

Teensy F1

Speaker 1-

Speaker 1+

Speaker 2-

Speaker 2+


USB Mini-B D-

USB Mini-B D+


Audio Ctrl Connector 1 (Blue)

Audio Ctrl Connector 2 (Green)

Teensy B6

Teensy F7

Battery Probe Connector 2 (Black/GND)

Battery Probe Connector 1 (Pink/T1 Collector)

LED Sequin-

LED Sequin+

 With the Main Connector sorted, you should snip off the Composite connectors from the display controller harness, and save the Blue, Green, Black and Red wires. The rest can be de-pinned, or snipped at the base.

Display Connector 1

Display Connector 2

Display Connector 3

Display Connector 4

Red (VCC)

Black (GND)

Green (Composite GND/GND)

Blue (Composite Signal)

The display wires match in color 1 to 1 with the wires on the other end of the display connector! Easy peasy!

If you opted to chop up a USB Mini-B cable instead of getting the connector, then your connections will look like this...

Speaker wires!

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