Time to mount the display and speakers!

This is what we're going for here. Display dead center of the nice Game Gear bezel. The aluminum frame of the display kind of stands out against the black, so let's fix that. Apply strips of electrical tape along the edges of the display to hide the aluminum bezel. (Feel free to skip this step if you like the look of the aluminum! Entirely optional.)

The display's ribbon cable is very delicate!! Be careful when handling it and the display controller!

Next, line up the display as exactly as you can in the window, and apply small pieces of tape to hold it in place. Then, apply hotglue "straps" to the corners of the display to hold it firmly in place. After that, you should (for ease of connecting later on) solder a couple of wires onto one of your LED sequins, and hotglue it into the "Power" light area in the front case.

Finally, attach the controller board to the back of the display using a strip of double stick tape. Cover the entire display controller board in strips of electrical tape to prevent any shorts. Display mounted!

Time to mount the speakers! Unlike the original Game Gear, we're running full stereo sound. We can mount our two speakers inside the original speaker area (as it is quite large), by shaving a small amount from the plastic ring and tacking them with hot glue. If you're using circular speakers, place one into this speaker grill, and use your drill to create another speaker grill on the opposite side of the case!

Apply a small dab of hotglue on the the bottom of the Teensy, and press it onto a small rectangle of perfboard. Hotglue this the rectangle into your front case, below the screen. You can ignore the wires for now, we'll cover those on the "Wiring (Front Case)" page.

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