Time to give this project the final one-two punch!

If you're unhappy about how the edge of your screen looks, you can create a new tapered bezel using Sugru!

 The doublestick tape holding the front panel's clear plastic bezel may have faded a bit, and might not hold so well when you go to put it back together. You can freshen it up with some fresh tape. Don't use anything too thick, as it'll throw off the look!

It's reccomended that you mask off any exposed electronics on the front panel, to avoid having any shorts. You can use strips of electrical tape, or masking tape. It doesn't matter which tape, as long as there's a layer there to isolate it. You can also put a couple of wire ties on the bundles.

You should also apply a string of hot glue along your male headers. This will keep the pins from separating from the plastic shrouds.

And, that's it! Press the halves together, put the screws in and enjoy! Load some ROMs and play some games!

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