Connecting Motor Wires

The wires from the motor are secured to the screw block terminals on the motor section of the CRICKIT board. You can use a jumper cable extension to extend the motor wiring. This way you can easily connect the wires from the motor.

Screw Block Terminals

Use the motor section of the CRICKIT to connect the wires. Two input blocks are labeled. The far most block is positive (red wire) and the middle is for ground (black wire). The pins from the jumper cables are inserted into the blocks and fastened with a screwdriver. 

Smooth Gear Motion

Getting smooth and consistent motion of the gear was difficult to achieve when prototyping. The gear would often jam into the teeth and lock in place. To prevent this from happening, the wheel is raised away from the surface of the base with the aid of thin concentric rings. These minimize the amount of friction introduced by mating surfaces.

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