Bolt-on Screws


You can make this project plug and play by using the bolt-on screw kit on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit.

They screw on with hex nuts to hold wires against the pad. 

This will allow jumper wires to easily attach into each connection making this project completely modular! 

Mount CPB inside Case

Use M3x6mm screws to mount the Circuit Playground Bluefruit inside the case


Prep Speaker Wires

Shorten the speaker wires to fit inside the bottom side of the case.


Mount Speaker

Use M2.5x6mm long screws to mount the Stemma Speaker


Speaker Lid

The speaker lid press fits to the bottom of the case

Buzzer Wires


The buzzer wires pass through the USB port opening on the case.

Carefully coil the wires to fit inside the case.

Align the Host button lid to the snap fit edges on the case to press fit them together.


Host Button


Solder the ground connections together to minimize wiring. Shorten the Arcade Button Quick-Connect Wires to fit inside the case.

You can modify the Quick-Connect ends with male jumpers if you are using the bolt-on screws on the Circuit Playground.

Player Buzzers


The Red 16mm Panel Mount Momentary Pushbutton twist on to the top handle part. Quick-Connects attach to each leg and then pass through the handle center and then the bottom handle part. 

The three buzzer parts screw fit together. Connect jumpers to extend the length of the buzzer.

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