Add Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity to your Raspberry Pi RP2040 project by adding an Adafruit AirLift ESP32 co-processor. The AirLift's ESP32 module can be placed into either a WiFi mode  (we've published a guide about using the AirLift's WiFi mode with Pico here) or BLE mode, giving you the option of adding two different methods of wireless connectivity to your RP2040 project.

This guide will cover getting started using BLE to connect an RP2040 board with the Bluefruit LE Connect App along with examples for a UART echo server and wirelessly changing the color of a NeoPixel RGB LED.

A few notes before we begin:

  • You can not use the WiFi and BLE mode on the Adafruit AirLift simultaneously, so select your transport wisely.
  • CircuitPython's AirLift support only provides BLE peripheral support, BLE central support is under development. This means you can not connect the RP2040 to BLE devices such as heart rate monitors or thermometers, but you can make the RP2040 act as a BLE peripheral.

This tutorial uses the mobile Adafruit Bluefruit Connect app on iOS and Android. To run the examples, your device must be compatible with one of these two apps - see the Apple app store or Google Play for compatibility.


Angled shot of black rectangular microcontroller "Feather RP2040"
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Angled shot of Adafruit AirLift FeatherWing.
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Top view of Adafruit AirLift Breakout Board.
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1 x FeatherWing Doubler
FeatherWing Doubler - Prototyping Add-on For All Feather Boards
1 x USB-C Cable
USB-C Cable for RP2040 Feather
1 x USB Cable
USB cable - USB A to Micro-B - 3 foot long
1 x Breadboard
Full sized breadboard
1 x Breadboarding Wires
Breadboarding wire bundle

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