The Qualia monitor backlight is massive and bright, to drive all those LEDs requires an external power supply. You can use any 9V to 12V power supply with a 2.1mm/5.5mm sized barrel jack and center-positive power. The driver uses that voltage to create the 22V required to drive the backlight LED strings.

We include a 9V power supply that works very well so please use that if you can!
To power up, just plug into the 2.1mm power jack.
Once plugged in, check that the POWER switch is switched to ON. The power switch is in the upper right of this photo, next to the UP button

You should see the POWER LED light up when power to the board is working right. If its not lit, check that your power supply is correct and that the power switch is on.

If you never need to turn off the display completely, switch the power switch to Off and check that the LED is no longer lit
If you want to take your Qualia on the road, you may find yourself without a power plug nearby. Unfortunately, the backlight driver for the Qualia display can't run from 5VDC so its not possible to power it from a laptop USB port. However you can use a 8xAA 'power brick' with either Alkaline or Rechargeable batteries.

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