This monitor is only for use with DisplayPort native computers. DisplayPort is not the same as HDMI or DVI!
If you don't have a DisplayPort on your computer or laptop, check out our HDMI/VGA display offerings

Just about every single Apple computer and laptop has DisplayPort capability, often a Mini DisplayPort connector instead of the full size version. Many newer PCs do as well but make sure to verify before purchasing! DisplayPort connectors looks a lot like HDMI
This is what a standard DisplayPort connector looks like, with the displayport logo above (thx wikipedia)
This is what a Mini DisplayPort connector looks like (thx wikipedia)
Mini and Standard DP are the same, just require different cables. Since most computers have a mini DisplayPort, we ship with a Mini type cable
Our cable has classic DisplayPort on the left, and Mini DisplayPort on the right.
OK plug in your cable so that it snaps in nicely into the DP connector on the Qualia driver. It should snap in all the way
Removing a DisplayPort connector is a little more difficult because the connector is quite strong. You have to press down on the cable latch and wiggle-pull it out. Hold onto the connector with your other hand to make it easier!

This guide was first published on Feb 13, 2014. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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