Use Velcro tape to affix the PCB to the underside of IRIS+.

Connect the voltage regulator input wire to IRIS+'s red power wire, and likewise connect the ground wire to the black IRIS+ ground wire.

Connect the servo signal wire to the white wire on IRIS+ (shown above is original IRIS with different colored wires). The black wire remains not connected.

Connect the servo to the header pins on the circuit, being sure to connect it in the correct orientation-- the brown wire is ground and should align with the voltage regulator center pin (ground), the red wire is positive and should align with the voltage regulator output, and the yellow wire should align with the servo signal coming from IRIS+.

We'll configure IRIS+ to activate the servo as if it were one of the servos in a gimbal. 

At first we triggered the servo with channel 6, the knob on the IRIS+ controller as shown above. On IRIS classic, this "just worked" when the servo control wire was plugged into the orange gimbal control wire because the knob is already configured to adjust the angle of a camera this way. This approach didn't work out of the box on IRIS+, however, and requires adjusting the parameters to link up the control channel to the gimbal control.

Another option is to link the imaginary gimbal's 'camera trigger' servo to channel 7 (the switch to the left of the knob on the controller). The system expects this servo to press for a configurable length of time, then release.

Either trigger mode might be preferable, depending on whether you want long stretches or short bursts of spray! Below is a parameter file you can load into your bot for the camera shutter option:

Click the "LOAD" button on the right in your mission planning software, and select your recently downloaded param file to load.

If you want to edit your own params,  here's the important stuff! To use the channel 7 switch, set CH7_OPT to 9:

To adjust the parameters of the servo control, set the RC7 parameters to the min/max and trim values of the servo:

Adjust your CAM_* parameters for spray duration, etc.:

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