Install Switches to Key Plate

The switches are press fitted into the key plate. The switches feature mini clips that keep the body of the switch panel mounted.

Installed Switches

The placement of the switches are symmetrical so the orientation doesn't matter. 


Use short wires to connect the mechanical switches common ground. The switches signal connections will need to be long wires in order to reach the QT Py. 

  • Signal Wires 7x – 15cm long
  • Ground Wires 5x – 6cm long 

Solder Ground Wires

Solder the short wires to the mechanical switches. Solder two wires to a single pin to share common ground. 

Soldered Common Ground

Each switch should be soldered with a short wire. The last mechanical switch should use a longer ground wire to reach the QT Py.

Solder Switches 1-2

Connect one of the longer wires to one of the signal pins on a switch. Continue to solder another long wire to the switch next in series. It doesn't matter which order the switches are in.

Solder Switches 3-4

Proceed to solder longer wires to the third and forth switch.

Solder Switches 5-6

Proceed to solder longer wires to the fifth and sixth switch.

Add Heat Shrink Tubing

Add pieces of heat shrink tubing to group the wires together. Apply heat to the tubing to shrink!

NeoPixel Wiring

Use a piece of 3-wire silicone ribbon cable to connect the NeoPixel jewel to the QT PY board.

  • 3-wire ribbon cable – 9.5cm 

Solder Ground to Jewel

Since there is only a single ground pin on the QT Py, we'll use the remaining ground pin on the NeoPixel Jewel.

Solder the longer ground wire from the switches to the available ground pin on the NeoPixel Jewel. 

Solder to QT Py

The switches and NeoPixel Jewel are ready to connect to the QT Py.

Solder Jewel to QT Py

Connect the three wires from the NeoPixel Jewel to the QT Py board. Solder the 5V wire to the 5V pin, ground wire to the ground pin, and DIN wire to the A0 pin on QT Py.

Solder Switches to QT Py

Solder the six wires from the switches to the QT Py board.

Use pins A1, A2, A3, SCK, MI, MO.

Soldered QT Py

Double check the wiring to ensure the connections are solid.

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