Key Plate and Core

The key plate is press fitted into the core. Start by placing the QT Py and NeoPixel Jewel through the top of the core.

Installing Key Plate

Orient the key plate so the notches are fitted through the rails in the core. Press the key plate through the core until it's flush with the inner ledge.

Installing Top Cover

The top cover is press fitted on top of the core.


Install Cover

Place the top cover over the core and line up the notches with the rails. Firmly press the top cover into the core so it's flush with the surface.

Install Core to Skin

The core is fitted into the skin. Start by inserting the QT Py and NeoPixel Jewel through the skin.

Installing Core

Fit the core through the center of the skin. Firmly press the core through the skin until they're flush. 

Install NeoPixel Jewel and QT Py

Press fit the NeoPixel Jewel and QT Py into the built-in holders in the bottom cover.

Install Bottom Cover

Line up the notches in the bottom cover with the rails on the bottom of the skin. Firmly press the bottom cover into the skin.

Installing Key Caps

Start by press fitting the key caps into the stems of each mechanical switches.

Final Build

Congrats on building the lemon key pad! Use a USB-C cable to connect the QT Py to your computer.

This guide was first published on Apr 26, 2021. It was last updated on Apr 17, 2024.

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