2MB SPI Flash

First, let’s get the 2MB SPI flash chip soldered to the back of the QT Py PCB.

Orient the Flash Chip

Use the marker on the solder mask to get the first pins oriented correctly.

Solder the Flash Chip

Tin one of the pads with solder. Using tweezers, position the  chip over the tinned pad. Heat up the solder with the tip of the iron. While the solder is molten, reposition the chip into place with tweezers.

Soldered Flash

Continue to solder each pad by adding a bit of solder to the tip of the iron and adding it to the leg of the chip. Inspected pads after soldering.

Voltage and Ground Pads

The power and ground pads on the back of the QT Py PCB should be insulated with Kapton tape to avoid shorting anything out.

This guide was first published on Feb 09, 2021. It was last updated on Jul 20, 2024.

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