NeoPixel Placement

Reference the board design in Eagle by either screenshot or print out. Place the first NeoPixel using the corner marker to note the ground pin. 

Solder NeoPixel

Tin the tip of the iron with a bit of solder. While holding the NeoPixel in place with tweezers, add solder to one of the pads. Once one pad is anchored, the rest gets easier to solder.

Continue Soldering

Reflow pads if needed and make sure to clean the tip of the iron with a brass sponge frequently.

Inspect Pads

Throughly inspect the four pads on each pixel.

USB-C Power

Get the PCB ready to test once all of the pixels have been soldered.

You can use a 5V USB battery to power the QT Py with a USB-C cable.

Finished Build

If everything lights up, congrats! SMD soldering skill leveled up, woohoo!

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