This was created using Autodesk EAGLE. The PCB features custom footprints for the NeoPixels and QT Py. Feel free to use them in your projects.

QT Py Footprint

The QT Py board features 2x7 (14 total) pins that are spaced apart 0.1in. The two rows of pins are spaced apart 0.675in. The SMD pads are 0.1 x 0.05in. This features an outline of the board on the silkscreen layer to help with placement. The rectangular outline represents the USB-C port on the QTPY.

NeoPixel Footprint

The NeoPixel 5050 LEDs feature four SMD pads that are 0.05 x 0.03in. The pads are spaced apart 5 x 3.4mm. Check the SK6812 datasheet for referencing the technical drawing. The outline of the NeoPixel LED features a corner marker to note the ground pad. 

Board Shape

The heart was creating using the line tool. The grid was set to be millimeters which helps to visually draw the shape and make it symmetrical. The size was tweaked several times to accommodate space for the QT Py, NeoPixels and traces. 

Traces and Spaces

Traces were set to 0.6in width with 0.6in of minimum spacing. This optimizes the traces for a 1/32in flat end mill. Using a single tool can help speed up the milling process. 

Reference the design considerations guide on Bantamtools site for more info.

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