Grab your multimeter, and let's identify the Ground and VCC pins for realz... we'll connect the charging receiver to them shortly.

Start by plugging-in your USB cable and test traces near the connector for +5 volts. It looks like T2 is indeed VCC with two ground pins on bottom.

If your multimeter reads -5 volts, flip your probes.

You can tape the charging receiver to the transmitter with painters tape or do like I did and use the weight of the transmitter to hold the receiver down.

Once that's secure, make sure that the receiver is getting proper voltage. 

Cut a short length of red and black hook-up wire; connect the VCC and Ground from the charging receiver to the Micro USB pins we identified above.

Cover all exposed traces with insulative tape, Kapton works a treat and stands-up to wicked heat!

Make sure that your wires won't interfere with any ports, standoffs, screws, buttons, or plugs.

Re-assemble your case and slap the power transmitter on top... green means go!

I would recommend closely monitoring your phone / battery case for the first few charge cycles... just to be safe.

Batteries will get warm when re-charged, but should never be so hot that they are difficult to handle.


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